Wednesday 3rd November
Shireen Francis

Jazz Blues, Gospel with just a dusting of Caribbean magic from this Amazing Lady

Gunter Kumar, keyboards, Dominic Grant, guitar,Neville Malcom, Bass, Alessandro Canini Drums.

Sometimes in life we are fortunate enough to meet people who are truly inspirational, Shireen Francis is such a person.

With her golden voice, incredible musicality, experience and presence she can touch your heart with a range of emotions from elation to pain, wisdom to fun and everything in between. Within her music expect to hear subtle influences of Blues,Gospel, Calypso and Reggae with just a dusting of Caribbean magic as she combines her English, Jamaican and Goan heritage with instinctive virtuosity.

Join us for another heart warming memorable evening at Twickenham Jazz Club.

We look forward to welcoming you

Best Wishes

Lesley Christiane

Shireen Francis4.png

Wednesday 20th October
Tara Minton Band

Ian Blumstead, saxophone,

Ed barber - Double Bass,

David Ingamells- drums

Described by 'London Jazz News'

as "Swinging, brave and sexy"

This will be another unique and special evening
at twickenhamjazzclub

It is difficult not to be totally entranced and carried on a beautiful wave of enthusiasm, optimism and wonder when encountering our guest this week Tara Minton.

Originally from Melbourne in Australia, intrinsically gifted Tara has travelled continents with her music and appears to have boundless energy, talent and warmth.

As a musicians she is equally accomplished on Harp, flute, piano and vocals

It will be her harp and exquisite voice that will thrill us on Wednesday.

Although Tara is accustomed to venues as huge as The Albert Hall she assures me that she is very much looking forward to the intimacy of the Patchworks stage and our listening attentive and appreciative audience. This is her favorite kind of performance... We look forward to making her and her band very, very welcome too...  Do join us.

Table bookings:

Wednesday 6th October
Julian Costello Band
Musicianship in the service of the music more than the ego”
Ken Avis (US jazz Critic)

It is the musicians role to express the diversity of our lives and speak from the soul and few musicians do this with more eloquence and honesty than our guest this week Julian Costello.

Julian is a truly creative and engaging musician and in the comfort of Cabbage Patch's heated marquee (this week only), we invite you to close your eyes and temporarily open your soul to a world without words and sense the warmth, laughter, kindness, frustrations, wistfulness and challenges of life expressed by this distinctively, lyrical optimistic man with his saxophone and his amazing band.

Maciek Pysz-guitar, Dave Jones-Bass, Eric Ford-Drums

Julian's New Album 'Connections' has been internationally acclaimed and will be available at the club

Tribute To the Great Jazz Swing Era 
Wednesday 29th September


It will certainly be there when our swinging band play on Wednesday night at Twickenham Jazz Club, their amazing vitality, musicality, energy and spirit, will simply make you feel happy.

Think Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Count Basie and the amazing positivity of much of the music of the 1930's and 40's.

Mike Henry,trumpet, John Cherry, trombone, Martin Nickless, clarinet, Graham Read Bass, Rod Brown drums.

Benny Goodman 5 pice.jpg

What is Swing? some of you may ask. Wikepedia calls it “a strong grooved drive” Collins dictionary “popular music influenced by Jazz” in fact it is impossible to define the indefinable but like happiness you know it when it's there and you know when it is absent.

count Basie 5 piece.jpg

Hosted by Lesley Christiane. 

A night not to miss!

Wednesday 15th September 2021 Martin Nickless, presented The wonderful 'Music From The West Coast' with some of our very finest musicians

So here we go. After lock down and changes we are about to relaunch Twickenham long running Jazz Club and the Stellar cast of Ten brilliant musicians are chomping at their mouthpieces (and other instruments) to thrill, entertain and delight us.


Martin Nickless, is an internationally respected musician. He is senior clarinettist, saxophonist, composer and arranger for many projects including the BBC's New Artist programme American Big Bands and beyond. Some of the arrangements to be performed on our inaugural opening night have been passionately written by Martin himself and it is an area in which he excels. They capture the era of Clifford Brown, Gerry Mulligan, Miles Davis, Bob Florence. Martin's discography includes both playing and arranging for the Chris Barber Big band, The Pasesdina Roof Orchestra, Herb Millar Uk and many more.

He and his band are also total enthusiasts and lots of fun. Certainly a night not to have been missed!

The Mayor Geoff Acton re-opens Twickenham Jazz Club

Supporters que for early tickets and the very best seats


The Mayor Geoff Acton, himself a huge Jazz fan is delighted to declare Twickenham Jazz Club officially open again after Covid..pictured here with hostess Lesley Christiane and Manager of the Cabbage Patch Stuart Green

Should have gone to spec savers

Max The doormand makes a difficult decision... should I really let these people in?

Patchworks Bar and Theatre at the world famous Cabbage Patch pub


Ribbons cut. We’re in