Julian Costello Band - 6th October 2021

"Musicianship in the service of the music more than the ego" ~ Ken Avis (US Jazz Critic)

It is the musicians role to express the diversity of our lives and speak from the soul and few musicians do this with more eloquence and honesty than our guest this week Julian Costello.

Julian is a truly creative and engaging musician and in the comfort of Cabbage Patch's heated marquee (this week only), we invite you to close your eyes and temporarily open your soul to a world without words and sense the warmth, laughter, kindness, frustrations, wistfulness and challenges of life expressed by this distinctively, lyrical optimistic man with his saxophone and his amazing band.

Maciek Pysz - Guitar,

Dave Jones -Bass,

Eric Ford - Drums

Julian's New Album 'Connections' has been internationally acclaimed and will be available at the club.



Date: Wednesday, 6th October 2021

Time: 19.30 - 22.30 (Door opens at 19:00, Music starts at 20:00)

Where: Twickenham Jazz Club, The Cabbage Patch,

67 London Road, Twickenham TW1 3SZ

TICKETS: £15 (Members: £12) | Cash only, please.

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